Success Poems

Success Poems by Cyrus The Writer Poetry

Growth Poem

Growth Poem When you do not grow you die. You must actively possess the essence of your life. To leave an empty void to enlarge without putting in purpose is pain. You have seen men wandering without a cause, their rage so much blaming the rich for stealing their possession. One might ask them, why …

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Mamas Life Guidelines Poem

Mamas Life Guidelines Poem Mama was the one who showed me love. She said, you have as abundant of love as water in the ocean. So if love is what you give, you will receive in plenty. She lamented that; there are four universal facts and many life truths; Like attracts like, the sun shines …

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The Dream Poem

The Dream Poem Yes, you see me, dream big! The dream keeps me up early, early up on the feet to chase it. The dream keeps me alive, beyond the dream lies no excitement, the process is the dream’s bliss. I love doing it and doing it is what I love. I spend each and …

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Success Key Poem

Success Key Poem Rise up early and be thankful. Let the mind stay on the right side. Do the morning rituals with gratitude of the days outcome. In the blink of an eye grab your working tools, walk straight to your land and begin to cultivate. Execute the cultivation process whole heartedly. It is your …

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Investing Poem

Investing Poem Investing Poem Maintain four buckets of Money until 55 years of age. The four buckets will drip money until your last earthly hour. The genesis rule is, be an early bird and master this fixed order to follow. Secondly, the best way to start investing is to start saving. If it is the …

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