The Dream Poem

The Dream Poem

Yes, you see me, dream big!
The dream keeps me up early,
early up on the feet to chase it.
The dream keeps me alive,
beyond the dream lies no excitement,
the process is the dream’s bliss.
I love doing it and doing it is what I love.
I spend each and every minute utilized to its maximum use.
The dream misuses me far too much amusing.
I made it so big, so I dwell in its never ending enlargement.
At the wider end of it, the dream never stops growing.
I see in it so much light of contentment and joy,
the same joy that never stops it from getting bigger.
Every time I come close and closer to it,
the more people I help, the more people I serve,
the more the dream grows, out of my horizons to its own life.
And this dream will abandon me on the journey
to my grave, towards its endless intention,
which is to serve, nourish and save every living thing on earth.

The Dream Poem lyricsare written by © The Dream Poem is one of the poems in the Success chapter of Cyrus Migadde debut book “Dreams Mislaid – 50 Poems About Life“, that was launched on 29th of April 2016. Please note, authorized use of this poem is prohibited – To use or buy these Poem lyrics mail to: or here

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