Dream Poems

Dream Poems by Cyrus The Writer Poetry

Dream Your Dream Poem

Dream Your Dream Poem Find one Dream to die for, that can satisfy the mind, the body and the soul. The best choice can be choosing bliss. You, choose to live minutes of growth. You got dream your dream everyday. No matter how to others it seems. Do what you want to do today. The …

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Not Alone Poem

Not Alone Poem As mist, twirling and treading on in the morning. So is me, possessing the purpose of my being. The words I write on papers are prints of witnesses. An evidence that, I occupy a place of mine but; with others Whenever I write an idea to a song, the traces of the …

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Last Wish Poem

Last Wish Poem With pride I write. With my entire being I read. And quotes I quote. Day and night lyrics creating on my bed. Although no teacher is by me, surprisingly, they thought I was great. I managed to achieve the meaning of me. I got courage to attain my dream; writing. Last Wish …

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I wish my Life was like a Star Poem

I Wish my Life was Like a Star Poem I wish my life was like a star. Just there being admired. Glittering endlessly within the universe. Being reached by jaded souls of men who need light through their way. I wish, I could bloom brightly through darkness and stand firmly without regression. Who would not …

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