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The Book Introduction: Dreams Mislaid 5o poems is below.

Your dreams are just mislaid but not lost! As long as you are alive, never you ever give in or give up! Keep on dreaming and struggling towards your final destination. One day, I intend to fill the sky with letters, words and stories of my experiences on earth. But as a man who wants to eat up an elephant begins with taking one bite, Dreams Mislaid – 50 Poems About Life is my first bite. I have sharpened the pen that will pierce the clouds with words of poetry. Dreams Mislaid – 50 Poems About Life is not yet the best of me, but the genesis of a life observation, I started sometime in my youth and that extended in my late twenties. During that time, I observed life, touched every tree, heard every sound, smelt every odour, I moved rocks and peeped underneath. I both lived in different countries and cities. During that time, tropical scents reached my nose, snow froze my jaws, racism erased my colour, life dismantled and found me, negative political sights created a defiant but humanity is really my root.

All in all, I came to know that my own blood tasted like salt. For so many days and nights my body lost breath and I longed for a dance in my grave. I concluded that it is not worth living on earth because I was both not accepted and expected. But one day while I was being mentored in a Richdadcoaching: Self Development Course, something happened to me. It made me realise that my dreams are just mislaid but not lost! I, this small African boy, discovered myself and found a way to crash the hurdles that I faced in my life right then. I turned the new discovered personal energy into writing more song and poem lyrics about my essence. The 50 poems in this book, have paved the Journey towards my present life. These poems have acted as the questions, answers and the solutions to my life since my youth time until today.

Take Dreams Mislaid – 50 Poems About Life book, as your first peep through my window of adoration, imagination, experience, definition, search and observation of life. This poems book consists of 7 global discussion topics. It is those topics that lay as background to the 7 chapters of the book, namely: Success Poems, Dreams Poems, Inspiration/Spiritual Poems, Africa Poems, Life Poems, Political Poems and Humanity Poems. The 7 chapters, are the 7 poetry themes of the book, that I tackle to a close degree that, you will relate most of the 50 poems to your own life. Every poem out of these 50 poems is a trace, feeling, definition or an experience of my view of the world thus reflected in the now. All these 50 poems about life concern you too since we are all living on earth though different races, countries and lives. For your enjoyment, interest, learning and inspiration go straight to your choice of themes and read the poems attached in that chapter.

Thank you for Reading my Book Introduction!

Thank you for Reading the Book Introduction of my new Book.

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