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Cyrus Migadde The Writer
Cyrus Migadde – Songwriter – Music Publisher at CMP Agency, Sweden!

Cyrus Migadde – The Writer (BA), a Songwriter, Music Publisher and Poet residing in Sweden. I write original lyrics (See “Front Artist” lyrics) in Luganda and English that fit your music songs project. My passion is music and everything that brings it to life and my mission is “writing to add value to humanity”. I have been writing original lyrics for most genres and free verse poetry all my life. I am always on the lookout for great musicians / music artists or music industry business related people to collaborate with or for cooperation in their music projects and production. If you are looking for great original music song lyrics on sale for your music project, get in touch with me at info@cyrusmigadde.com. I can both help you publish your music on online digital streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple music, Amazon music e.t.c. I cam also write or rewrite original lyrics for your songs today. Visit https://cyrusmigadde.com/ to see my music lyrics portfolio and choose your best song lyrics texts.

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Academic Studies:
Cyrus has academic Degree in Media, Communication, languages (English and Swedish), Culture and Drama. He holds a (BA) Bachelor of Arts academic degree majoring in media and communication Science at Södertörns University in Sweden (2009), He also studied an English and Drama program course at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom. He further attended a Songwriting Course by Patti Pattison and was ofered a songwriting certificate from Berkely College of Music (USA). Cyrus has currently acquired a diploma in Facility Manager at Affärshögskolan in Stockholm, Sweden.

Mission and Goals
Cyrus’s mission on earth is ‘writing to add value to humanity’. His personal goal is to create cultural oriented products such as books, song lyrics, music, poems, articles, short stories plus translation work for educating, presenting, reading and performing, to teach all the people of the world about Africa. He believes that adding value to humanity through writing is the surest way to add value to his own life on earth.

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