Africa Poems

Africa Poems by Cyrus The Writer

Peace Poem

Peace Poem – (Mirembe Poem) (Luganda language poem, see English translation below) Peace Poem (Mirembe Poem) 1 Kino kyekiseera, mukwano gwange. 2 Mutuwe emirembe, omugongo gulumye. 3 Buli lunaku lugoba lunalwo; 4 buli kaseera akayitawo tekadda, ffe tuneyagalako di? 5 Ewala eyo jetwaava ffe, gwe nange, 6 era tujja kudayo bwetunaffa. 7 Eyo yo tewali …

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Mislaid Dreams Poem

Mislaid Dreams Poem The African dream is not lost, it is just mislaid. It was hidden within brown people, being called black. From then on, the rainbow disappeared from the sky. The sun never appeared again, no explanations why? From then on their presence was not worth living by. They said because the world mother …

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Africa Poem

Africa Poem Few are the words to explain my love for Ethiopia. For whom could I be Sudan? if you were not there Ghana. I am so grateful to have Congo. Whom will I be Egypt? Where will I be Namibia? What would the reason be for life without Uganda? I will be a lost …

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Nubian tales Poem

Nubian Tales Poem Dislike me become an enemy. Love me be a family. Welcome to Nubian Tales. A moment on Earth, is worth somebody a smile. For earth is the bell, the burning flames is hell, For whom is it well? Nubian Tales Poem Lyrics are written by © This poem is one of the poems …

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Bring Africa To Life Poem

Bring Africa To Life Poem Bring Africa to life. She cannot live in that desolated den. Bring Light so she can see. Bring air so she breath in. She is a marvel of creation, but with earthly trouble within. Attacked from the soul so she is bleeding. Noise is what she lying in. Suffocation is …

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