Peace Poem

Peace Poem

(Mirembe Poem)

(Luganda language poem, see English translation below)

Peace Poem (Mirembe Poem)

1 Kino kyekiseera, mukwano gwange.
2 Mutuwe emirembe, omugongo gulumye.
3 Buli lunaku lugoba lunalwo;
4 buli kaseera akayitawo tekadda, ffe tuneyagalako di?
5 Ewala eyo jetwaava ffe, gwe nange,
6 era tujja kudayo bwetunaffa.
7 Eyo yo tewali mirembe.
8 Bajaajja obudde bwonna banonyeza emirembe,
9 paka kati n’abaana tunonya mirembe;
10 naye nge emirembe tugireka kunkona.
11 Twetoloode tuyiseyo kunkoona;
12 naye buli bwe tugitukako nga mujongerayo.
13 Mwe abafuzi ababeera yo kunkona mumirembe;
14 bambi naffe mujituwerezeko, obulamu bwaffe bweyagaleko.


Peace Poem (Mirembe Poem)

(See Luganda language translation above)

Peace Poem (Mirembe Poem)

1 The time is ripe my friend.
2 Give us peace, our backs ache.
3 Every day is chasing another in hurry;
4 every passing time goes by forever, when are we to celebrate?
5 In that distant place we both hail from,
6 we are to return when we are dead
7 There is no peace in that place.
8 Our great grand parents have all the time searched for peace,
9 until now even we, the grand children are still searching peace;
10 sadly enough peace is hidden behind the back of our head.
11 We have succeeded to come close to the peace hidden place;
12 but every time we come close, they push peace even further our reach.
13 You politicians who dwell in that peace hidden place;
14 please bring peace in our presence so our lives find a meaning.

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