Political Poems

Political Poems by Cyrus Migadde The Writer

Surrender Poem

Surrender Poem Keep your ego unearthed and iron chained. The calamities you cause to the world; come about of a life driven by a loose end. A mad man, you are, is possessed by a sour mind. Your upside down mind works outside in. You, are convinced that the mind created the universe. But the …

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Political Offers Poem

Political Offers Poem Poor get poorer. Rich get purer. They feel superior, pushing us lower. It is not fair. We demand division of power. Political Offers Poem lyricsare written by ©CyrusMigadde.com. Political Offers Poem is one of the poems in the Political Poems Chapter of Cyrus Migadde debut book “Dreams Mislaid – 50 Poems About …

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We Hate Every Rainbow Poem

We Hate Every Rainbow Poem We hate every rainbow. Watching them in the sky, sitting contented on their bellies; minding their own, we surviving on their lies! They, squandering money in destined luxuries, as total immortals! They, glittering in the glow of satisfaction, throwing things! They, not aware of tomorrow, as the judgement for every …

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Defiant Poem

Defiant Poem I am willing to co-operate, when these chains slip off my hands. I will stop these violent acts, when she is offered something to eat. I am her child acting with a clear conscience; until doom, am irresponsible for being bad. This is the last choice left to a freeing slave. I will …

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Divison Of Power Poem

Division of Power Poem I have a dream, no matter how to you it seems. Whom I represent and who am, is to be a part of mirror men game; to get in the glitter not for fame; but for a share to get my people home. I intend to grab the key from them, …

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The Noise Hurtle For Battle Poem

The Noise Hurtle For Battle Poem The noise hurtles for battle. Let the noise hurtle, in this destitute hour. Let there be a battle, between the words in my power. Let there commence an un ending struggle, to which the invisible will empower. As a man I am observed so little, but in my words, …

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