Divison Of Power Poem

Division of Power Poem

I have a dream,
no matter how to you it seems.
Whom I represent and who am,
is to be a part of mirror men game;
to get in the glitter not for fame;
but for a share to get my people home.
I intend to grab the key from them,
and open the door to freedom.
And when my people get home;
my life will have a meaning.
Then, I will fragrance off that victory cream,
like a summer flower in blossom.
The moon never beams,
without bringing me dreams.

Division of Power Poem Lyrics are written by ©CyrusMigadde.com. This Poem is one of the poems in the Political Poems Chapter of Cyrus Migadde debut book “Dreams Mislaid – 50 Poems About Life“, that was launched on 29th of April 2016. Please note, authorized use of this poem is prohibited – To use or buy these Poem lyrics mail to: Info@cyrusmigadde.com or here

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