We Hate Every Rainbow Poem

We Hate Every Rainbow Poem

We hate every rainbow.
Watching them in the sky,
sitting contented on their bellies;
minding their own, we surviving on their lies!
They, squandering money in destined luxuries,
as total immortals!
They, glittering in the glow of satisfaction,
throwing things!
They, not aware of tomorrow,
as the judgement for every individual.
They, doing what they do best;
violating the ninth commandment.
My prediction of their last passage is, it is tiny for us all.
Save for US, the solute, whose filtration will be natural.
For you the impurity, they, hell is so further,
but they rather blind their souls,
and enslave their earthly brother.

We Hate Every Rainbow Poem Lyrics are written by ©CyrusMigadde.com. We Hate Every Rainbow Poem is one of the poems in the Political Poems Chapter of Cyrus Migadde debut book “Dreams Mislaid – 50 Poems About Life“, that was launched on 29th of April 2016. Please note, authorized use of this poem is prohibited – To use or buy these Poem lyrics mail to: Info@cyrusmigadde.com or here

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