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The book description of Cyrus Migadde poems book:

Dreams Mislaid – 50 Poems About Life, is Cyrus Migadde’s debut African book of poetry. The red line that runs throughout “Dreams Mislaid” poems book about life is the incite that; your dreams are just mislaid but not lost! There are things they never taught you and thus there is knowledge outside your normal awareness that you need to acquire in order to resettle your lost glory. Read cyrus’s poems book in order to find out what that hidden knowledge is!

Love poetry excluded, Dreams Mislaid – 50 Poems About Lifebook focuses on 7 themes of poetry of life. The book’s 7 chapters include probably the best poems about life, namely; Success Poems, Dreams Poems, Life Poems, Africa Poems, Humanity Poems, Spiritual/Inspirational Poems and Political Poems. Each poem that is attached to those 7 chapters of Cyrus’s poetry book, has a deep feeling, message or lesson it wants to reveal to you about that particular poetry chapter. Each poem also expresses a feeling or thought that cyrus Migadde experienced, considered or imagined to be real in life.

At a wider view of his book of poems, the 50 Poemsabout life, are also poems on life as well as poems of life. These life poems invite you to read and dig deeply in them in order to understand the wider spectrum of life. This poetry book can also be perceived as small life lessons from the poem writer’s own life. He was born in Kampala city, Uganda, but during his youth time he moved to Sweden, since then he has lived a life between those two countries. From that background, his poems book thus bears many African diasporic life experiences and observations that seem to be drawn from the poet’s own life. Reading Cyrus,s poems from an African diasporic view, his poems are lessons, messages and principles of life survival in areas of; Investing of money, Success, understanding the double trouble situation of African in life in both the diaspora and on the African continent, dreaming and achieving dreams, finding your own call on earth, identity crisis and recovery, humanity to dismantling of politics, to solutions of tracing and finding our innerself. In the Dreams Mislaid 50 poems book about life, Cyrus poetry’s intention is to teach and enligten people, especially the new African middle class, how to invigorate their identity from the status quo thus creating a new African self image. He uses an easy poetic English language for that group to understand their new roll. He thus created free poems that can easily be read, consumed and grasped by this prior group. Another aspect for his simple free word poems, is to attract a global readers group who love African Poetry. The reason for this is that there is a need to advise the new world generation on what issues they must understand, adapt to, abandon, or step up to in order to move to their personal emancipation.

Dreams Mislaid – 50 Poems About Life and about life have acted as the questions, answers and solutions to the writer’s own life. He this expects Dreams Mislaid poetry poems bookto teach you everything you need to know about life. The poems are meant to serve, enligheten, teach, advise and warn you about life as well as on life. Cyrus resonates that the fact that we are all living on earth, we all share, dwell and face the same universal rules of nature, except that they affect us in different nuances, find us in different countries, places, cultures and time. He hopes that the 50 poems about life in the Dream Mislaid poem book, will be able to inspire, guide, guard, warn, strengthen, encourage, advise and teach you about life in your own moments on earth. Cyrus expects that after you have read “Dreams Mislaid – 50 Poems About Life” book, you will discover, learn and be revealed to the silent hidden knowledge of the world. After discovering that knowledge and applying it to your own life, you will be able to live a good complete life. Living a good life also involves that one must align him/herself with the laws of the universe because we are all connected.

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