poems about life

Ashes to Ashes Poem

Ashes to Ashes Poem lyrics are below: Ashes to Ashes Poem Ashes to Ashes …God is the creator.A person is like a paper.It stores what is recorded.With no maintenance from the owner,It looses its content and importance.It could get lost.It could be endangered.Close to fire it burns.With water in existence,It absorbs and looses its records.It …

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No means No Poem

No means No poem I disrespected all women I love all women I fancy every woman But a woman Who say No! Has a reason For my total respect No means No! A woman’s No means No Men never do homework Strenghth do, brains do not think And men souls are weak   No Means …

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Life Is Everything Poem

Life is Everything Poem Life is everything. Money is nothing. Life is everything. Gold is nothing. Who earthly being, wears gold rings, who has no life wings? Men abandon wealth, overseas for just a moment of breath. Freedom is a birthright- universal-citizenship, less practiced and malfunctioning on earth. When you walk a trillion miles steps …

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