Life Is Everything Poem

Life is Everything Poem

Life is everything.
Money is nothing.
Life is everything.
Gold is nothing.
Who earthly being,
wears gold rings,
who has no life wings?
Men abandon wealth,
overseas for just a moment of breath.
Freedom is a birthright- universal-citizenship,
less practiced and malfunctioning on earth.
When you walk a trillion miles steps to the vortex,
there, you realize, life is everything.
There, life is anything,
an assemblage of being your like somethings.

Life is Everything Poem Lyrics are written by © Life is everything Poem is one of the poems in the Life Poems Chapter of Cyrus Migadde debut book “Dreams Mislaid – 50 Poems About Life“, that was launched on 29th of April 2016. Please note, authorized use of this poem is prohibited – To use or buy these Poem lyrics mail to: or here

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