You do not have to river song lyrics

You do not have to river song lyrics

You do not have to river song lyrics verse and choruses are below:

Song Chorus
You do not have to river all the time
Even if he is gone
You are alone and weary
You do not have to worry all the time
Just bite your teeth
Scream out the pain
You do not have to cry all the time
You got stop yourself
Change the focus of your life

Song Verse 1
Shit happens even in heaven
Even there things go astray and faulty
You are just your mama’s girl
He is another woman’s child
Letting you go has nothing
So much to do with you

Verse 2
You could not complement him
Big differences how both handle life
He is a man from the north
You are a girl from the South
You are a girl who eats green
You are a girl who keeps all clean

Verse 3
He is simply a guy who is green
Possessed by all calamities of childhood
Adulthood cannot change the past of a man
He knows hustles and to throw knuckles
You have searched love within him
Disappointed to love an empty muscled man

Verse 4
You have done all a woman got do
But don’t water love on a thorny cactus
Sometimes you gotta realise it’s not fun
Sometimes you have to see smoke and run
Remember forced love creates recurring pain
Change comes when what you look at change

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