What I have learnt song lyrics

What I have learnt song lyrics verses and choruses are below:

What I have learnt song lyrics

Song Verse and chorus 1
When you do the same thing, over and over again
Like when you negatively gossip about a people
You hate them, you despise them off life on earth
When they fire back at you the same hate feelings
What I have learnt so far, when you know better you do better

Verse and chorus 2
All sons of men, the bloodline of warrior ancestors
Freedom is a birthright not to be complacent about
People sit in their houses when the streets burn
Whoever terrorises the king soon comes for them
What I have learnt so far, once you give away your power, it never returns

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Verse and chorus 3
Once upon a time, there was a son of a cattle keeper
At a teenagehood a village chief was his custodian
As a herdsman he saw the calamities in his native land
He promised his landsman to fight until Apartheid falls
What I have learnt so far, the obstacle is the way, the impossible is possible

Verse and chorus 4
Commit now, life goes up and down tomorrow too late
That dream you want to pursue delays of wait
Vacillation will cause what you do two days, 4 days
Decide to take the harder business way of life
What I have learnt so far, the workman cannot realize a dream, a dream is realized if you work on it.

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