african poet

No means No Poem

No means No poem I disrespected all women I love all women I fancy every woman But a woman Who say No! Has a reason For my total respect No means No! A woman’s No means No Men never do homework Strenghth do, brains do not think And men souls are weak   No Means …

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Love Bears Many Things Poem

Love Bears Many Things Poem LOVE bears many things Humans you should learn Pain goes with divorce Love goes with happiness Separation does not mean Do not return LOVE bears many things Tears exist there somehow Always come a time for fun Learn to trust in your moon Hold together all you are going Through …

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Divison Of Power Poem

Division of Power Poem I have a dream, no matter how to you it seems. Whom I represent and who am, is to be a part of mirror men game; to get in the glitter not for fame; but for a share to get my people home. I intend to grab the key from them, …

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