Out of my dream kids song lyrics

Out of my dream song lyrics for kids to sleep

Verse and chorus 1
You were my desire and wish
Then I dared to make you a dream
Suddenly you resided in mama’s womb
I anticipated to meet you sooner
You were miraculously delivered in Huddinge hospital
Here you are, out of my dream

Verse and chorus 2.
Brought the precious gift home
Placed you in the middle of our bed
We lay besides to watch over you
3 months joyfully loving your profile
Nourishing and cherishing you on time
I hear magical sounds, out of my dream

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Verse and chorus 3.
Time is of the essence little child
Looking forward for the journey soon winter
I can’t wait for you to grow and walk
By next year expecting you to talk
You will personally make your food choices
You are a reflection of me, out of my dream

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