Nothing matters anymore song

Nothing matters anymore song lyrics verses and choruses are below:

Nothing matters anymore song lyrics

Song Verse
Always by my side, Always by your side
We promised ever to be together at our first sight.
You were in the city, searching for a soulmate
I was in the suburb, wandering out of love
At the theatre i heard, a jolly cheer
Just some meters from you sited laughing
At the show end we stood up to clapp and eyes me

I love you and you love me
Nothing matters x3 anymore
Nkwagala nyo, naawe onjagala nyo
Tewali kirala x3 kikulu nyo

Verse 2
Our relationship is solid, built on cemented iron
Lions is what we are we share what we prey
We moved into a new life, in a new home
I left back the old luggage, you left the cage
At the outskirts of the city, we live near the water
In the morning I take the kids at school
You get them from work, later in our lawn we play and giggle.

We’re meant for each other
When I looked at you then,
I knew you were mine I saw the future in your eyes

Verse 3
You are the meaning of my love
Nothing else is beyond you in sight
I get chills and my heart Pitt patters
Heaven and earth touch and I loose control
All that affection is a reaction of just a look of you
When you come to close, I vibrate and attract
When you touch I soar into the clouds
When we kiss am me turned into you

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