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Music blog by Cyrus Migadde Publishing Agency (CMP Agency), Sweden.

This is my first blog. Please make your place of education about the music industry. This is where you will to learn all I know about Songwriting, the music industry, music publishing, music digitalization, artists social media handles, music distribution, music marketing & promotion, African music, personal development, the artists’ career etc.

secondly, you will get acquainted with the Songwriter, Cyrus The Writer also known as Cyrus migadde, Music Artist, Front Artist also known as Kyagulanyi Makumbi Luninze, Script Writer / Dramactor actress, Dion Val, Music Artist & Painter, Silver Straw also known as Brian Nsamba (EarzArt), Music Artist, Sin Man also known as Yoweri Musagala, Miss Calypso also known as Dayannah N. e.t.c.

Thirdly, you will also be consulted, supported, promoted and assisted by CMP Agency.

That’s all for the content introduction. Bless you.

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