Move On Poem

Move On Poem

You move on when you let yourself move on.
When you cry yourself to blue,
When you scream so loud until you tear the sky,
When you get so mad until the bells ring in the head,
When you bleed in your heart, until blood drains out,
When you blame everyone until you realize it is your fault,
When you feel lonely like you live on earth by yourself,
When you committee suicide to kill the person you were,
When dawn, day and night are all nightmares to you,
When you verbally kill your ex in dismay,
You are half way mutating from the broken-soul-being,
You are heading towards the final realization of what is wrong.
Whatever you feel, is a half the life of those older than you have gone through.
When you realize that, you heal because you are here arriving.

To move on is to leave the past go for it is gone forever,
to embrace the past and instead go search for a better day,
to go inside yourself and smile because you forgot how.
Go and put on the best lotion on your body to fragrance forwardness.
Go hug the world, in this action; you are leaving the pain behind.
Remember the past but forget it.
Brush your teeth, so that love comes of out of your mouth.
Throw away old clothes; they make you look like the past.
Cast your old behaviour away, someone else will need your experience.
You are alive, you are healthy, and you are wealthy.
You are the reason why the bus driver smiles.
You are great, you are unique, and you are beautiful.
If you do not trust yourself go to the mirror,
that person you feel underneath your reflection,
is the person you should lean on onwards.
that is the image of you, that is the real you.
Everything else you see is a blended thought work of the brain;
your brain is not you.
You cannot apply the reasoning that caused the problem as the solution.
Your heart, intuition and urge for freedom is your paved path to walk on and move on.

Move On Poem lyricsare written by © Move On Poem is one of the poems in the Inspirational and Spiritual Poems Chapter of Cyrus Migadde debut book “Dreams Mislaid – 50 Poems About Life“, that was launched on 29th of April 2016. Please note, authorized use of this poem is prohibited – To use or buy these Poem lyrics mail to: or here

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