Memories song lyrics

Memories song lyrics verses and choruses are below:

Memories song lyrics

Song Verse 1
It makes no sense denying this feeling in me
Memories sweet memories of us together
Your lips are the sweetest thing that I have ever tasted
Oh, how I wish we could do it again
I can’t wait to kiss you breathlessly
If not, at least I will purloine a slight of them

Verse 2
You changed my life without even trying
I know I’m not perfect but
I will keep on trying to make a better me everyday Don’t you ever get flag of me
My life is incomplete without you
You have everything I want in a love
When life is worthless, you give me a reason to smile

Memories of us swinging on the porch
My hand around your waist
Can I really forget the memories of us in the pool
No no no yeah I can’t forget
You and me on the road side playful as kittens
Sweet memories yeah

Verse 3
I am a simple tender girl from the country
The kind of girl who is aroused by small sweet things like a kiss
I wonder how you knew already from the start
That I fancy green vegetation with flowers allover
So you proposed we settle in a simple cosy nice place
We sat and chilled out here in the evening
We received each other joyfully
In a half kilometer distance, we heard the sea breeze

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