Lets go Song Lyrics

Lets go song lyrics

Verse 1.
The sun is down gone by the the horizon
Tears are drying bullshit done
Racomstar step in the zone
Revenge is the plan, get ready it’s on
The master plan is uplaid, on a mission to its execution, I proclaim pakalast invasion
We see the situation Alas! Land grabbing,
Social economical sphere in ruin
Family houses burn, families on a run
Poverty is never a permanent
It’s a conditioned situation the few possess on
The mass many, from birth until oblivion
And see it’s time for the young generation
To make a coup and reclaim the nation

Lets go X3 join me
Lets go X3 join me
Lets go x3 enjoy me

Verse 2.
Yes, I have heard you fought for our liberation
After that you created the constitution
But too much power corrupts Mr politician
After many years of walking in your footsteps
You are accustomed-consumed by old ideas
You blind-folded the people you lead
Our liberation leader became a tormentor
We think you need an upgrade
More education young people, more collaboration of young minds and more new ideas young people
I do not want to listen to grandpa and I do not want to accept the status quo
I dream away towards the marvel of creation
and that’s where I am gonna go to the state house.

Lets go X3 join me
Lets go X3 join me
Lets go x3 enjoy me

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