I Love You Poem

I love You Poem

Did I tell you yesterday, “I Love You”, I am sorry
I guess I was taken up by your gorgeous smile
If not your splendid beauty
I am entitled to say “I Love You” endlessly
In a way I am praising you

“I Love you”, you were so hard to find
On that misty morning you stepped in
And cleared the zone of my loneliness
Now that I have you under my skin
You are apart of me inner out

Telling you how muse “I Love You”
Your touch sustains me
Of course you are jolly
Always cheerful and ever so smart
With words always dripping like pure honey

Dreams do not ever come true, but
Mine of you came true,
So true that I can hold you in my arms
I taste your sweet warm lips
Oh God!!!, the power you possess in me,
Impresses me so that “I Love you” always

I love You Poem Lyrics

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