From Love to Smiles to Hate poem

From Love to Smiles to Hate Poem

All i have ever done
Is loving you twillight to dawn
Though you promised you are mine
You are not a property for me to own
We knotted our love bond
And we moved near a pond
Our luggages skifted for a reason;
Our journey ends in heaven
Love attracts once and it shines
Conquers and takes over the mind
The flesh, the bones and beneath the skin
Then came the blowing wind
Long routes brought the feet pain
Storms blew our cloth to torn
We played cards without to win
Shoulders become weak to lean on
The shelter became unsafe to live in
Sudden changes appeared to the moon
so to the sun, to the ocean
Water approached all over the window pane
The house was all torn and heart broken
No more waists to spin
No small durst shoes to clean
No body to call upon
Troubles closed in, life reason gone
You cannot live without her
She cannot live with you

From Love to Smiles to Hate Poem Lyrics

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