Everything will be OK lyrics

Everything will be OK lyrics

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verse and chorus 1
Everything will be ok just wait and see
I know it because your life is already written
Though your path is filled with covid -19 pandemic
But hey, some people have died of a hard flue
Some people pray, others left hope is tomorrow

verse and chorus 2
Everything will be ok just wait and see
It is true we are all globally being tasted
Some people in small villages in African
Some people in big bungalows near kebnekaise
But hey, in time everything will be ok. I am sure of it.

verse and chorus 3
Everything will be ok just wait and see
We have to keep up the hope and keep praying
The calamities of covid-19 are devastating
But hey, the deeper we are in, the higher we shall fly
Everything is not in vain, together we shall overcome

verse and chorus 4
Everything will be ok just wait and see
We have seen covid-19 crush us West to East
So much humans life is impacted in Africa
But hey, Bob Marley said who feels it knows
You will be affected by what you believe

verse and chorus 5
Everything will be ok just wait and see
Global worry coloured the pre – covid-19
Human devastation is what covid-19 era is
Life will be brighter in the post covid-19 pandemic
Wait and see, everything will be ok, in the New normal.

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