Contemplation Realisation Poem

Contemplation Realisation Poem lyrics are below:

Contemplation Realisation Poem

The journey from childhood ends.
The road to adulthood stretches ahead.
Long live the memories of the dust games.
Now breaks the first tear, I wonder why it came?

There are no regrets but more burning dreams.
They say, every drum has to have a sound,
but is tangling in own footsteps a sound sign?
Where do I go then from here?

Where do I go next after the first kiss and bang?
When I grow big boobs, balls, butt and beard?
Must I think more youth,
with my heart more than my brain?

A fast moving train makes death quick.
But do I go that aimlessly, irresponsibly sick,
or seek the way out of being a meek?
Again, what do I do with this existential vacuum?

Mama preaches to me to be strong.
Papa screams to me to be like a man.
Am I my sister’s jewel?
and is she my little angel?
Am I my brother’s hero?
and is my brother my photo?

I meditate and clearly see the journey
into myself, but I cannot see
or open the door into myself.
Is fear part of life?
Is love pain?
Is pain part of life?

I hear both the sound and noise in this music.
I chose a tiny beat and tried to dance to its sweet melody.
That tiny beat’s rhythm matched with me, can I dance more?
Maybe some how, some way, some hour,
some day, some what, these questions will find their answers.
Maybe, I have the answers till my eighteenth birthday.

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