Are you African song lyrics

Are you African Song Lyrics verses and choruses are below:

Song Intro:
You are African not because you are born in Africa.
You can African because Africa is born in you.

Verse 1.
My brother dear sister nobody is coming
You soon realise you are the one you are waiting
You are busy thirsty while licking the pavement
Dust and bees buzzing disturbing the moment
They are eating of your honey, you-the source
Everything else around you is fulfilling a purpose
Larvas turn to butterflies and be more
What are you, where are you, what do you adore?

Are you African
Or African born in you
Are you African
Or African born in you
Find you, refresh and anew

Verse 2.
I know what it feels like to wait for a destination.
Which you never envisioned like colonisation.
It is like living a life without a purpose.
Other people planned you work out your ass,
The owner, the boss, supervisor and group leader all emphasize it.
None, even yourself in history you trust.
You work for the purpose of working to fulfill their ideology.

Verse 3
Deep inside you’re filled with magma streams Trying to pave way penetrating to the surface
You’re resisting the pressure disguising in those comfort zones
Why pretend to be in contention with hardly peanuts in your pocket
You had dreams of which you gave up all because they want that
On their tunes you dance, accustomed to the daily lies
Your mind is put at fib peace to think you have no choice
Everywhere is endowed with gifts of nature
All you need to headway is already around you

Are you African
Or African born in you
Are you African
Or African born in you
Find you, refresh and anew

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