On Your Birthday Poem

On Your Birthday Poem

It is dawn, at home, in my white robe smiling for you.
I am sitting at the table, with a pen writing the best song for you.
On your birthday, the sun is up for you.
The grass is wet, live and green.
Our mother is calling your name across the horizon.
I am clapping my hands within my own heart for you.
The bells pling for your opportunity of a new day.
The squirrel out at the balcony set the Verse.
The old lady by my house is tapping her feet;
Her gesture is anticipation to celebrate you.
People on the bus see something is different with you;
you are more ease now and attractive today than yesterday.
Your old Lyrics try to make a song in your head.
The sun is awake, demanding you make a wish Now.
Your wishes are being realised across the corner.
You worn old stocks today your feet are stinking;
the people at your work are forced to be nice and smile.
The chorus is asking for you to wish Now,
you are getting the best present Now.
You stink, un showed, you are sleepy but happy.
You are on your mind like the girl you just meet.
You are asking who you are, where you are, where you have been,
and where you are going, but the Bridge will answer, Now.
You are a glowing star, creative, nice, dangerous, intelligent, an ambassador.
You are on Time, in the best Time, to achieve a dream Now.
You have been in your head, in your bed, in your past and in fear.
Where you are is where you are going;
you are the one you are waiting for brother.
The space you feel after reading this Verse is you.
It is this new year that will bring all wonders, all chances,
all journeys, all Money, a wife, a music hit, the best stage, all Music, all love, all attention, all peace, all awareness, all the sun and the Verse that is more worth millions.
Just make one wish Now, believe and follow the Chorus through, you are going to be big!

On Your Birthday Poem Lyrics
are written by ©CyrusMigadde.com. On Your Birthday Poem is one of the poems in the Inspirational/Spiritual chapter of Cyrus Migadde debut book “Dreams Mislaid – 50 Poems About Life” (2016), that is coming out  this year. Please note, authorized use of this poem is prohibited – To use or buy these Poem lyrics mail to: Info@cyrusmigadde.com


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