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I am a Songwriter and Poet – a Student of Pat Pattison. My first passion is music and everything that brings it to life. I enjoy writing in general but I especially find it easy to write lyrics to music and poetry. I create everyday and I keep on writing music to grow artistically in order to fulfill my purpose on earth of ’writing to add value to humanity’.

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  • Are you looking for Song Lyrics and Poetry Lyrics to include in your creative work?
  • Do you see value in my song and poetry lyrics and want to include my lyrics work to your event, video or music promotion  plus production work?

You could be that artistic person or enterprise I would like to collaborate, work and co-operate with, or perhaps assign my song and poems lyrics to. Please you are welcome to contact me today or e-mail me direct at: info@cyrusmigadde.com to see what music we can do together or use the contact form below!

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