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Cyrus Migadde – The Writer (BA) is a Ugandan/Swedish Songwriter, Poet and a Media and communications proffessional. He has a background as a music artist and online music entreprenuer. He has been involved in the Ugandan music industry since 1996. During that year, he was a songwriter and a gospel singer at Kazo Fellowship Church. In 1997, he was singer and Songwriter in a Hip hop/ Ragga music group called ‘Undiggable Crew’, with his childhood friend (Tomusange Memory of now founder of Father’s heart childrens choir)

In the year 2000 Cyrus moved to Sweden. From year 2000 to 2009, he was a Songwriter and lead singer in a Music Group called ‘Racomstarz’, (see article) They released a great album called ‘ Racomstarz On Mission ForGofa’ with their East African smashing single ‘ Ebaluwa’ meaning ‘the letter’ in the year 2004. His singing dreams have now been taken forward by his little brother and group member, Nsamba Brian (a.k.a SilverStrawMusic.com). In the year 2009, Cyrus decided to go business to develop his online music promotion business (Rcmentertain Company). He ended up with him starting an online African music and clothing webshop at (rcmentertain.com). The webshop was though closed at the end of the year 2012. The reason for closing his online store was due to the fact that the African musicians he was trying to help, to earn a living through selling their music and artwork, were cheated by the music publishers and cultural artistans he was co-operating with to export, sell and promote African music and culture products. In the year 2014 until today, Cyrus has decided to focus on his childhood love of writing, see my song lyrics and poetry work at (CyrusMigadde.com -The Writer).

Presently, Cyrus resides in Sweden, but travels often to his homeland, Uganda. He is a promising Songwriter and a poet. He is also the authorized distributor/promoter of Uganda Music Publishers Association (UMPA) music in Europe, an online music entreprenuer. His debut poetry book called Dreams Mislaid – 50 Poems About Life was launched on the 29th of April 2016.

Academic Studies:
Cyrus has academic knowledge in Media, Communication, languages (English u0026amp; Swedish), Culture and Drama. He holds a (BA) Bachelor of Arts academic degree majoring in media and communication Science at  Södertörns University in Sweden (2009), I studied a English and Drama program at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom and he has attended a Songwriting Course by Patti Pattison of Berkely College of Music offered by. He  has currently acquired a diploma in Facility Manager at Affärshögskolan in Stockholm, Sweden.

Mission and Goals
Cyrus’s mission on earth is ‘writing to add value to humanity’. His personal goal is to create cultural oriented products such as books, song lyrics, music, poems, articles, short stories plus translation work for educating, presenting, reading and performing, to teach all the people of the world about Africa. He believes that adding value to humanity through writing is the surest way to add value to his own life on earth.

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