Born To Suffer Song Lyrics

Song Lyrics: Born to Suffer

Verse 1:
Don´t ask me about my youth///If ya scared of the truth/// the story begins after silvers birth///papa took another path/// the slums contributed to our growth/// me and silver we bros we both fought those africanos without faith///even though walking through the slums of death/// living was a must we we made it by force/// even though walking through the slums of death/// living was a must we survived all wars/// kept our family close just to see life before us///in the south of Sahara is massacres and chaos/// Aids makes it worse power struggle lead to wars/// every day that goes everyday blood flows ///we survived because maamas struggle was to raise us/// above all obstacles on planet earth/// God bless women for their proper cause/// especially my maama who laid my base/// every day that goes Racomstar group grows/// miracles do occur victory to only those who stay in focus like Racomstarz bros

Chorus 2:
Born to suffer we suffer to live but we hope for the better and fight to thrive

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